10 Easy Pieces: Everyday Stainless Steel Flatware

Everyday flatware might be the most frequently used household item you will ever buy (who doesn’t remember the silverware of their childhood?). So it’s worth investing in flatware that will endure; if you can’t afford a full set, you can always build a collection setting by setting, as Catherine Bailey of Heath Ceramics suggests. Here are the Remodelista editors’ personal favorites.

David Mellor Minimal Stainless Steel Cutlery Above: Sarah is a devotee of David Mellor’s Minimal Stainless Steel Cutlery, crafted of high-quality stainless in Sheffield, England; $75 for a set of 4 at Heath Ceramics.
Almoco Flatware Above: Julie favors the Almoco Silver Stainless Flatware made by a third-generation, family-run business in Portugal; $125 for a five-piece setting at Design Within Reach.
Vignelli Sasaki Basic Flatware Polished Above: While it’s no longer in production, Massimo and Lella Vignelli’s Sasaki Basic Flatware set is Janet’s pick (you can still find pieces or full sets on Replacements or eBay). It was designed by the duo in 1987 for Japanese company Sasaki. Photograph from the RISDI Museum.
Alessi Knifeforkspoon Flatware Above: An instant classic, Jasper Morrison’s Alessi’s Knifeforkspoon Flatware for Alessi is $119.90 for a full 24-piece cutlery set on Amazon.
Ettore Sottsass Alessi Nuovo Milano Cutlery Above: When Italian master Ettore Sottsass designed the Nuovo Milano Cutlery for Alessi in 1987, he wanted it to be “as smooth as an ocean rock” with rounded edges and the rise and fall shape of each handle. It won the XVIth Compasso d’Oro industrial design award in 1991. The polished 5-piece set is $91 at Hive.
Schoolhouse Everyday Flatware Above: The simple set of stainless steel Everyday Flatware is $58 at Schoolhouse.
Sambonet Linea Q Stainless Steel Flatware Above: Italian-made Sambonet Linea Q stainless steel flatware is $85 for a five-piece set at Saks Fifth Avenue.
David Mellor Classic Stainless Steel Flatware Above: Francesca’s favorite everyday flatware is Classic Cutlery designed by David Mellor; $91 for the six-piece setting at Gracious Style.
Dolcevita Stainless Steel Flatware Above: The Dolcevita Stainless Steel Flatware is $62 for a five-piece set at March.
Sori Yanagi Flatware Five Piece Set Above: Sarah, who lived in Japan for a decade, is a fan of Sori Yanagi’s Stainless Flatware; a five-piece set is $55 at the MoMA Design Store.
Arthur Krupp Monika Flatware Above: The Arthur Krupp-designed Monika Flatware 36-piece set is £93 at Imperial Flatware.
Beau Manoir Flatware Set Above: The Beau Manoir Flatware is made in France; $59.95 for a 5-piece set at Williams-Sonoma.

N.B. This post is an update; the original story ran on November 9, 2011.

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