AAA vs. Geico Home Insurance

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Homeowners insurance policies from Geico and AAA offer all industry-standard protection. To learn about the subtle differences in coverage, pricing, and customer service between the two companies, read our AAA vs. Geico home insurance comparison.

AAA and Geico both offer insurance products like renters, auto, and homeowners insurance. While AAA originally started out as a membership club for vehicle owners more than 110 years ago, Geico has been an insurance provider from its start.

The This Old House Reviews team took a deep dive into the home insurance products offered by both companies. Read our comprehensive AAA vs. Geico home insurance comparison to learn about the providers’ coverage, pricing, and customer service differences to determine which company will offer the best homeowners insurance policy for you.

*Based on quotes from Raleigh, North Carolina, and Eureka, California

AAA vs. Geico Home Insurance Coverage Comparison

AAA and Geico both offer dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments to others coverage, which is standard for most homeowners insurance policies. Keep reading to see how the amount of coverage for each type varies by company.

AAA Coverage

AAA determines dwelling coverage based on how much your house will cost to rebuild. The rest of the coverage is outlined below.

Note: Each policy comes with workers compensation and employer’s liability coverage. You can’t take these coverages out of your policy, and you can’t see how much coverage you have until purchasing the policy and reading the terms and conditions.

Geico Coverage

Geico offers fewer personal property, loss of use, and deductible options but more medical payments options than AAA.

You can customize your Geico policy with these endorsements:

  • Blanket jewelry coverage
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Identity theft protection
  • Business pursuit
  • Loss assessment coverage
  • Water backup and sump overflow

AAA vs. Geico Home Insurance Cost Comparison

Homeowners insurance costs about $101 per month, according to data gathered by the Insurance Information Institute in 2017. To see how AAA and Geico compare to that national average, we requested online quotes from both companies using information for a one-story house with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

AAA Cost

To get a quote from AAA, we used a house in Eureka, California, and provided the rebuilding cost of the home, which was used for dwelling coverage. The remaining coverage amounts were automatically generated, but we were able to tweak the amounts at the end if we wanted more or less coverage in a certain coverage area.

AAA offers three discounts to lower your insurance rate:

  • Companion auto
  • Mature policy holder
  • AAA membership savings

Geico Cost

To receive a Geico quote, we used a home in Raleigh, North Carolina, with similar characteristics as the Eureka home. Geico asked us questions about the home regarding building materials and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home to generate an estimate for the cost to rebuild. This amount was used to determine other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage. The remaining coverage amounts were selected by our team.

Like AAA, Geico offers three customer discounts to lower the cost of your premium:

  • Having home security systems
  • Having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home
  • Multi-policy (bundling auto insurance with home insurance, for example)

Our Conclusion

AAA offers comprehensive coverage at more affordable rates than Geico. While Geico has a set percentage of dwelling for loss of use and personal property coverage, AAA allows customers to choose between several options. AAA does have fewer medical payments to others and endorsement options than Geico, but the company offers three times the number of deductible options, going as low as $100 and as high as $7,500. All of this coverage costs about half of the national average and half the price of a Geico policy.

Another perk of AAA is the membership perks. You don’t have to be an AAA member to purchase a home insurance policy, but if you are, you get membership discounts on insurance products and other perks, like roadside assistance.

The major downside to AAA is its customer service. Unlike Geico, which offers 24/7 customer service for all issues, AAA only has 24/7 customer service for claims. AAA also splits the country into regions and has specific offices running each region. This makes it difficult to find the right person to talk to about an issue because it isn’t always clear which website runs which region.

It also means that there’s no quote standard across all offices. Some offices make you talk to an insurance agent to get a quote, while others allow you to request one online. This lack of consistency across offices makes it difficult to determine how the company operates as a whole.

In conclusion, we believe AAA’s coverage and price make it a stronger candidate for homeowners insurance than Geico. However, we recommend getting quotes from at least three providers before making a final decision.

FAQs About AAA and Geico Home Insurance

How do I find a home insurance policy?

Here are a few tips to help you begin your search:

  • Determine your home’s rebuilding cost—You should purchase dwelling coverage that covers the complete cost of rebuilding your home. This number is important because it decides other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage. You can determine the rebuilding cost by talking to a local appraiser, using an insurance company’s estimation tool, or purchasing $100 to $155 of insurance coverage per square foot.
  • Look for discounts—The best way to save money is to look for companies that offer a variety of discounts. Geico and AAA offer only three discounts, but if you want to save more on your policy, look at companies like Liberty Mutual and Allstate that offer more than five discounts.
  • Start with your auto insurance provider—If you’re happy with the company that provides your car insurance, start by getting a quote from them. Not only will you receive a lower price because of a bundling discount, you’ll get to work with a company you’re already familiar with.

How do I pay for homeowners insurance?

All companies allow you to pay for your policy monthly or in one lump sum at the beginning of the contract term. Most companies also allow you to pay two or four times a year.

You can pay your insurance premiums by logging into your online portal, using your mobile app, or calling the billing customer service line. If you choose a more frequent payment, you can set up auto pay, which allows the company to automatically withdraw the premium amount from your bank account.

What does homeowners insurance not cover?

Most companies won’t cover the following perils:

  • Ordinance or law
  • War
  • Nuclear hazards
  • Intentional loss
  • Governmental action
  • Mischievous acts
  • Natural disasters
  • Neglect

Check with your insurance provider to determine what exactly is covered and excluded in your specific policy.

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