Amica vs. Geico Home Insurance

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Read this Amica vs. Geico home insurance comparison to see how the two providers differ in terms of coverage, pricing, and more.

Amica and Geico are insurance companies that offer home insurance to homeowners across the country. While both companies offer standard dwelling, other structures, personal property, additional living expenses, personal liability, and medical payments coverage, the companies vary slightly in terms of coverage limitations, endorsements, discounts, and customer service.

Keep reading this Amica vs. Geico home insurance comparison to learn about the differences between the companies and decide which provider offers the best homeowners insurance for you.

*Based on quotes from Raleigh, North Carolina

Amica vs. Geico Home Insurance Coverage Comparison

Both Amica Mutual and Geico offer six main types of coverage in a home insurance policy—dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments to others. However, there are minor differences in terms of coverage limits and available endorsements.

Amica Mutual Coverage

Amica determines the amount of other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage to give you based on the dwelling coverage amount you input online. After that, you can choose liability, medical payments, and deductible amounts yourself.

Scan the table below to learn your coverage and deductible options with Amica:

In addition to the six areas of coverage, you can add the following endorsements to your plan:

  • Water backup and sump overflow
  • Identity fraud monitoring
  • Dwelling replacement
  • Personal property replacement
  • Home business
  • Catastrophic coverages
  • Valuable items

Geico Coverage

Geico determines coverage amounts the same way that Amica does, but the coverage options vary slightly:

Here are a few Geico endorsements you can add to your policy:

  • Water backup and sump overflow
  • Identity theft protection
  • Business pursuit
  • Loss assessment coverage
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Blanket jewelry coverage

Amica vs. Geico Home Insurance Cost Comparison

To give you an idea of the costs of Amica and Geico policies, we requested online quotes from both companies using information for a one-story, single-family home in Raleigh, North Carolina, with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

Amica Cost

Amica allows you to input the exact amount you think it would cost to rebuild your home. It then calculates other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage from that number.

Amica’s monthly cost is slightly below the national average and is able to stay low because of these five discounts:

  • Loyalty
  • Multi-line
  • Claims-free
  • E-discount
  • Auto pay

Geico Cost

After inputting information about the home, Geico estimated the home to cost $319,100 to rebuild. The other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage was decided from that number.

To save money on your Geico insurance policy, see if you’re eligible for these three homeowner discounts:

  • Multi-policy
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Home security systems

Our Conclusion

Amica offers more discounts, endorsements, and coverage options than Geico at a more affordable rate. You can get liability coverage as low as $25,000, while Geico only goes down to $100,000. Amica’s personal property coverage is also higher at 75% of dwelling coverage, instead of 70% from Geico.

Both companies allow you to get quotes through their website, which eliminates having to talk to a customer service representative. However, Amica falls short because it doesn’t help you calculate your dwelling coverage; instead, you have to input the amount of coverage you want based on how much you believe it would cost to rebuild your home, whereas Geico determines how much your house is worth by asking questions about your property.

When our team requested quotes from each company, Amica ended up being cheaper. This is notable because we used $250,000 for dwelling coverage in the Amica quote, and Geico only estimated the rebuilding cost for the same home to be about $239,000. This means you’ll receive more coverage with Amica at a lower price.

Regarding customer service, both companies have a mobile app, customer portal, online chat, and 24/7 claims center. The major difference is that Geico is available 24/7 for other insurance questions, while Amica is only available during regular business hours.

In the end, we believe Amica’s more comprehensive and affordable coverage outweighs the company’s quoting and customer service flaws. However, we still recommend getting home insurance quotes from at least three providers so that you can compare coverage and pricing.

FAQs About Amica and Geico Home Insurance

Do I really need home insurance?

Home insurance is not required by law, but the lending institution that gave you a loan to buy your home may require a policy. Even if your lending institution doesn’t require home insurance, we recommend purchasing a policy because the average homeowner may not have hundreds of dollars in the bank to cover a big loss.

How long does a homeowners insurance policy last?

A homeowners insurance policy lasts for one year. Once the policy expires, you can renew with your current provider, purchase a new policy from a different provider, or let your coverage lapse.

Does Amica or Geico have better customer service?

While both Geico and Amica allow you to file a claim 24/7, only Geico has a customer service line open 24/7 for questions related to policy, billing, and sales. Both companies have a portal, mobile app, and online chat function for self-service.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

If your home or personal property is damaged due to the following events, your homeowners insurance policy will most likely cover it:

  • Fire and lightning
  • Windstorm and hail
  • Explosion
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Vehicles
  • Aircrafts
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects
  • Weight of snow, sleet, or ice

Before signing up for homeowners insurance, read the terms and conditions of your policy to understand the complete list of covered perils.

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