Creative Holiday Greenery Decorating Ideas

Beyond evergreen, there are a handful of other festive plants you can use for garlands, wreaths, table settings and more.

Hanging a wreath made from anything but evergreens may make some people itch like a kid in an ugly Christmas sweater.

7 Fresh Holiday Greenery Decorations

Plenty of natural materials can give a fresh and lively twist to traditional decorating schemes. Here, This Old House TV landscape contractor Roger Cook and landscape designer Jenn Nawada share their favorite ideas for sourcing holiday decor from nature.

1. Festive Holly

Holly in a vase for the holidays. Photo by Juliette Wade/Getty Images

We can’t forget this holiday-greenery staple. Roger suggests finding long branches that have lots of berries and will fit nicely in your display. Tuck sprigs into an existing wreath or among hurricane glasses on a mantel to bring together the classic Christmas combo of red and green.

Find inspiration in period holiday decor in a presidential guesthouse.

2. Hardy Succulents

Succulent used for a creative holiday wreath. Photo by Jonelle Weaver/Getty Images

Jenn likes placing succulents in frames as wall hangings or in interesting containers like birdcages for tablescapes. The plants’ drought tolerance means they’ll stay green through the season with little maintenance. (Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of Ask This Old House with her tutorial on the wall hangings.)

Watch Roger’s tips for choosing and caring for succulents.

3. Bright Redtwig Dogwood

Redtwig Dogwood in a large container on entrance way stairs. Photo by Courtesy of Topiarius

These vibrant red branches—another of Roger’s seasonal favorites—add a little edge to large containers, as seen in this Topiarius design. Tuck them into indoor containers as well for a dramatic vertical effect.

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4. Crisp Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia leaves used to create a garland for unique holiday greenery. Photo by Richard Felber/Getty Images

This Southern-style favorite is a stunner in its fresh, glossy-green form. But the golden-brown hue of the dried leaves makes a nice transition from fall to winter. Use brown leaves to break up and elevate your traditional holiday greenery.

Put this handsome find to work on your mantel by making a magnolia leaf garland.

5. Minimalist Eucalyptus

Create unique holiday greenery by using eucalyptus to make a wreath.

The matte leaves will fit in with your pared-down, farmhouse-style setup. Fill a basket with sprigs, or strategically place them in a fresh wreath with other cuttings.

Watch and learn how to make the pictured colorful winter wreath with eucalyptus, grapevine, and more.

6. Romantic Mistletoe, Revamped

Mistletoe wreath hanging on the wall. Photo by Dana Gallagher/Getty Images

Ditch the doorway’s notorious hanging cluster, and opt for a mistletoe wreath or party backdrop instead. Just avoid telling any Christmas partygoers what the wreath’s made of, lest you cause a kissing commotion.

Gather ideas from the American colonial and Gilded Age periods about decorating with locally sourced greenery.

7. If All Else Fails, Go Evergreen

Evergreen tree boughs used to create holiday greenery. Photo by Matt Champlin/Getty Images

This lush go-to rarely disappoints. Snip a few boughs from your Christmas tree or purchase tree-lot extras to tuck into vignettes, wreaths, garlands, and more.

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Pro-Tip: How to Keep Your Cuttings Fresh

Roger points out that cuttings used in a Thanksgiving feast centerpiece can easily pull double duty for a Christmas party table vignette.

He recommends storing them outdoors between the two occasions to promote longevity. For the short term, he advises spraying antidesiccant on cuttings to keep them fresh—without placing them in water.

Channel Roger’s smarts for picking the perfect Christmas tree.

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