Currently Coveting: Cecilie Manz’s Nordic-Serene Bathroom Sinks and Tubs for Duravit

“You don’t have to speak loud,” says Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz of her elegant—and surpassingly quiet—renditions of everyday objects. For years now at Remodelista, we’ve been obsessed with her Caravaggio light: we singled it out in the Remodelista 100 section of our first book as  “a celebration of light, dark, and shadow.”

Of late, we’ve been admiring Luv, Manz’s growing collection of bathroom sink and tub design for Duravit. The first silhouette for the minimalist-classic line began in typical Manz fashion: “I was inspired by a bowl filled with water on a table.”

Danish designer Cecilie Manz and her Luv bathroom line for Duravit Above: Cecilie Manz with some of her greatest hits (that’s the Caravaggio pendant light) and the latest incarnation of Duravit’s Luv line: a washbasin on a console with height-adjustable legs and push-to-open, self-closing drawers.
Duravit Luv bathroom series by Cecilie Manz. Above: The matte-lacquered consoles come in a range of sizes  and finishes with counters of quartz or American walnut. They’re shown with Duravit’s C.1 faucets. The outsized mirror has integrated dimmable lighting and a heating option that keeps it fog-free during hot showers. The freestanding tub, like the basins, has “particularly precise lines.”
Duravit Luv bathroom series by Cecilie Manz. Above: The bathtub is also available in a back-t0-the-wall and corner version with a ledge. The console is shown here with a walnut counter; the top drawers are available with wooden dividers.
Duravit Luv freestanding bathtub desiged by Cecilie Manz. Above: The staged designs remind us of the hushed domestic scenes by the great Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi (see A Kitchen Inspired By a Painting). The Luv collection is widely available; find more information at Duravit.

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