DIY Paneled Wood Headboard: A Finnish Blogger’s Clever Bedroom Upgrade

By day, Maiju Saha works as a social media marketing specialist and campaign designer. By night and on weekends, the mother of three dives into home improvement projects and blogs about them.

Maiju and her family live in the small town of Vaasa on Finland’s west coast. Two years ago they moved into their 1941 house and since then she’s be puzzling over how to make her and her husband Janne’s compact bedroom feel “less empty without crowding it with furniture.” Taking inspiration from the room’s paneled ceiling—and all the paneling she’s been admiring in other people’s quarters of late—Maiju came up with this DIY built-in headboard of homemade beadboard. She kindly agreed to share the project with us.

Photography by Maiju Saha (@maiju_saw), courtesy of the Maiju Saw blog.

The Materials

  • slotted wood panels cut to the right height (Maiju’s are approximately 45 inches tall)
  • wood for the frame (“this will be covered so it can be any kind of wood, even rough” says Maiju)
  • thin nails for attaching the panels
  • screws for affixing the frame
  • good-quality wood to use as a shelf at the top of the headboard
  • wood filler

The Tools

  • crosscut saw
  • hammer
  • power drill
  • paint
  • paint brush


Slotted pine for DIY beadboard headboard, Maiju Saw blog, Finland Above: Maiju used pine panels (shown here) that are much like Lowe’s Unfinished Pine Tongue and Groove Walls Planks. You can also buy readymade primed beadboard paneling in a range of materials from Home Depot and other building supply stores.
DIY beadboard headboard in progress, Maiju Saw blog, Finland Above: Janne installs the frame.
DIY beadboard headboard in progress, Maiju Saw blog, Finland Above: Hammering the panels. “The last plank is the one that goes on top; attach it with screws or wood glue or both,” says Maiju. “I also covered the screw marks with a filler to give them a more finished look.”

Maiju says she’s self taught and that one project has led to another: “It’s been a long process starting with painting picture frames and chairs. Over time, I’ve learned to use different electrical tools. Renovation projects are my meditation. And since my other work is digital, it’s always so rewarding to see concrete results.” Interestingly, Maiju’s last name, Saha, translates as “Saw” in English, which is how she got her blog name, Maiju Saw.

DIY beadboard headboard in progress, Maiju Saw blog, Finland. Above: Maiju chose a shade of sage green. She painted the pine directly; you can also prime the panels before installation. For detailed, step-by-step instructions (in Finnish; use Google to translate), go to Maiju Saw.

The Finished Project

DIY paneled wood headboard Maiju Saw blog, Finland. Above: The finished headboard is approximately 45 inches tall and is topped with a shelf for small objects. Learn more about paneling options in Remodeling 101: The Ultimate Guide to Shiplap, Beadboard, and V-Groove Paneling.
DIY paneled wood headboard Maiju Saw blog, Finland. Above: Maiju made the bedside ceramic lamp at a clay workshop and finished it with a vintage pleated shade. The leaf pillow is made from a William Morris fabric bought on Etsy; the striped bedding is from H&M Home.

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