Geico Home Insurance Review 2020

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Find out why Geico’s policies are attractive to its existing customers in this Geico home insurance review.

Home insurance isn’t always a requirement, but if you want to protect your most valuable asset, it’s a must. Unfortunately, choosing the best homeowners insurance company for your needs can be challenging. Companies vary in coverage, cost, availability, customer service, and more. The This Old House Reviews Team created this in-depth Geico home insurance review to help you decide if it’s the best fit for you and your home.

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Table of Contents

  • Our Take
  • Pros & Cons
  • Coverage
  • Availability
  • How Much Does Geico Insurance Cost?
  • Discounts
  • Reviews of Geico Insurance
  • Comparison
  • Our Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Company Information
  • Our Methodology

Our Take

Geico has a solid reputation and strong financial backing as the second-largest auto insurer in the country. Existing customers can find attractive bundling options that can lower their auto insurance premium.

While Geico does offer home insurance, the company acts as a broker instead of offering direct policies. The company partners with 31 underwriters, including Liberty Mutual and American Family. This adds an extra layer of complexity when it comes to claim tracking and customer service, and indicates that coverage and costs might vary. Some customers may prefer not to work with a middle man, and choose to go with an insurance provider that they can communicate with directly in case of issues. This concern contributed to Geico’s overall score of 98 out of 100, reducing it slightly for the inconvenience.

On Geico’s Better Business Bureau profile, common complaints note sudden increases in premiums and other payment issues. Reviews on the site are largely negative, referencing poor customer service and price increases.

Pros & Cons

Compare advantages and disadvantages of Geico home insurance.


Geico offers all of the industry-standard basic coverage through its partners. The company offers limited add-ons compared to many of its competitors, so its coverage is not particularly flexible. However, additional coverage may vary depending on the specific insurance partner’s offerings.

Here are Geico’s coverage options.

Geico does offer umbrella insurance, which increases the personal liability maximum.

The additional coverage does not exclusively relate to homes, as it includes identity theft protection and pet insurance. However, Geico can assist customers with purchasing flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program.


Geico offers home insurance in all 50 states through its different partners.

How Much Does Geico Home Insurance Cost?

The exact cost of Geico home insurance depends on a variety of factors, including your property value, size, where you live, the coverage limits you select, the insurance deductible you choose, and more.

Because Geico is not a direct insurer, the overall cost might vary between its individual partners. We requested a quote for a single-family, 2,200-square-foot home in North Carolina with Liberty Mutual as the underwriter. We found the monthly cost of $116.16 is only slightly above the national average, which is $101, according to the Insurance Information Institute.


Geico only offers three discount options, and the dollar value of these discounts could vary between its partners.

Reviews of Geico Home Insurance

Geico is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but the company holds an A+ rating from the organization. However, while there are both positive and negative customer reviews on BBB, its profile shows 1 out of 5 stars from real customers. Here’s what some had to say about their experience with Geico.

Kenneth A. said:

“I’ve been a customer of Geico for close to 20 years. My kids have had a few accidents and they have been extremely professional and I have zero complaints about the claims they handled. Their service has been outstanding.”

Douglas M. said:

“I have been going back and forth with them for months. They make two different claims. A) I missed a payment. B) I made it, but they received it a day too late. When you pull out my bank statements and prove I never missed a payment, then they go to option B. Which is basically you made the payment, we kept it, but are ignoring it? When that fails, they go back to option A. After getting through to a ‘specialist’ I was assured this was totally RESOLVED. Next month, it’s back. It gets me wondering how many 1000’s they are trying this on to see if people just give up and pay them? A third excuse after all this is they’ve switched you to bi-monthly without your consent or knowledge. Either way that lizard needs to be fried!”


See how Geico stacks up against some of its top competitors on key metrics.

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Our Conclusion

Geico is a trusted company with impressive financial backing. Customers who have existing auto insurance policies through Geico can save money by bundling home insurance. The company’s widespread availability is a considerable advantage, along with its easy-to-use website and mobile app.

However, some homeowners may prefer to work with a direct insurance company instead of a broker. Having to go through an additional company for claims, customer service, and more can be seen as inefficient and takes time and additional research. It cannot be overlooked that because there are so many different partners, cost and coverage may vary. We gave Geico a score of 98 out of 100.

Because different home insurance companies have different offerings, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers in your area. For free quotes from companies near your, call 855-948-5219 or enter your zip code in the tool below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who underwrites Geico home insurance?

Geico’s home insurance is underwritten by 31 partners, including American Family and Liberty Mutual.

Does Geico insure homes?

Geico offers home insurance as a broker, partnering with 31 underwriters.

Does Geico offer discounts?

Geico offers multi-policy, home security systems, and smoke detector alarm or fire extinguishers discounts.

Company Information

  • Company name: Geico
  • Company type: Public
  • CEO: Todd Combs
  • Year founded: 1936
  • Headquarters: 5620 Western Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
  • State availability: 50
  • BBB rating: A+

Our Methodology

The This Old House Reviews team values accuracy, transparency, and trust. With that in mind, we created a thorough, objective rating system to score each home insurance company based on the following six factors:

  • Coverage (30)
  • State availability (7.5)
  • Customer service (15)
  • Technology (12.5)
  • Reputation (20)
  • Additional benefits (15)

Our Reviews team has a full-time researcher who collects and regularly updates data points from every company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, service, and dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

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