Handmade Hanukkah: 5 Favorite Menorahs for 2020

Handmade ceramic menorahs feel just right for this year. Here are five versions, some charmingly wonky, all ready to celebrate Hanukkah starting on December 10—and also to be enjoyed whenever candlelight is called for.

Rachel Pots Handmade Ceramic Menorah via Food52. Above: Brooklyn ceramic artist Rachel Pots attaches nine hand-thrown vases together to form her signature menorahs. “The bottles that make up the Ceramic Menorah  [$160] remind us of the single oil bottle or cask from the story of Hanukkah,” she says. Her Judaica line is available from Food52—alas, the menorah is currently sold out—and from her studio, where the menorahs are made to order in four to six weeks.
Zippy White menorah by Judaica Standard Time. Above: The modular stoneware JST B. Zippy Menorah, $200, can be arranged in different patterns in a cluster or a row. Made by Bari Ziperstein, it’s from Judaica Standard Time, a playful new line devoted to “exploring the space between faith and design.”
MQuan Constellations menorah. Above: Our friend Michele Quan makes some of the most eye-catching menorahs around. This one is the MQuan Constellations Menorah, $345. Of her star iconography she writes, “A First Nations artist once said to me ‘Everything we need to know is in the sky,’ and sometimes when you look at the sky it can cut straight down to the bone. It is this moment, in the midst of it all, that I try to convey.”
Sin Ceramics menorah Above: Ceramic artist Virginia Sin describes her new Stacke Menorah, $110, as “sleek and brutalist.” She makes it in two finishes: “speckled” (shown here) and black.
JST x ANK Ceramics menorah by Judaica Standard Time. Above: The JST X ANK Ceramics Menorah, $180, is a collaboration between Judaica Standard Time and Ank Ceramics of Camden, Maine. It’s available in two glazes: Sparrow (shown here) and Squid Ink.

Also worth checking out: Via Maris, a new line of Judaica, menorahs and candles included.

Here are some more favorite menorahs and other candleholders:

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