Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For Beloved Dogs & Cats

When my cats, Minou and Reine, entered my life about a decade ago, I struggled to find good-looking pet stuff to integrate into my home. But things have changed in ten years and there are now lots of great-looking, well-made, and even eco-friendly options on the market for dogs and cats. Here, a list of gifts that dogs, cats, and their doting owners would appreciate—most from small and independent brands.

Above: This doggie Raincoat from Spanish brand The Painter’s Wife is inspired by the raincoats of fishermen working the Spanish Atlantic coast. Designed to keep your dog’s body and front legs dry, it’s made of a machine-washable PVC and polyester blend; €64.90.
Above: This waxed canvas Treat Bag for dogs is handmade in Berlin by Band & Roll. It holds wet and dry treats, has a cotton cord for closure, and can be clipped onto a dog leash or belt loop for easy access on walks; £35.95.
Above: From my own brand, Faunamade, which offers high-quality basket beds for cats and small dogs: The Basket Bed in Stripe has a Fair Trade Certified basket made of eco-friendly jute, a washable cushion made in the US, and a durable cover sewn from 100 percent cotton designer fabric; $129.
Above: Just ordered for my own cats: Cod Skins, the signature treat from Boston-based Polkadog. Suitable for both dogs and cats, these dehydrated skins are sustainable; they’re byproducts of the wild-caught Alaskan cod used by restaurants and fish markets. And they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have some of the same benefits for dogs and cats as they have for humans, the company notes. $10.99 for 2.5 ounces.
Above: From Farmhouse Pottery in Woodstock, Vermont, and printed with the studio’s signature wreath, the Laurel Dog Bowl is safe in the dishwasher and microwave and is heavy enough for use by big dogs; $48 at Food52.
Above: In April, cat lover and artist Leah Goren published the book Catlady: A Love Letter to Women and Their Cats. She’s now producing limited-edition prints of paintings from the book and donating 50 percent of proceeds to Orphan Kitten Club, the nonprofit founded by kitten rescuer Hannah Shaw (insider intel: she’s a must-follow on Instagram). Here, a print called “Comfort“; $180.
Above: For baking bones for dogs and bone-shaped cookies for humans, this aluminum Dog Treat Pan is made in Minneapolis by family-owned baking brand Nordic Ware; $26.
Above: The Breakaway Leather Cat Collar from London brand Supakit comes in two sizes and eight colors; we’re partial to this emerald green. It’s made in Spain and has a slim profile and removable bell; $36.
Above: If your catnip fiend could use a fresh toy, try an all-natural one like this 6-inch Hemp Organic Carrot, handmade in Indiana by Etsy seller Purrfect Play. It’s made of natural hemp fabric and filled with organic catnip with hemp cord “leaves” on top; $10.95.
Above: For the cerebral cat, try Cats of the Times, a book filled with stories of kooky felines that ran in The New York Times between 1854 and 1964. About the tales, says the paper: “Many were funny, some were poignant and all were proof that fact is stranger than fiction.” (Dogs of the Times is coming soon.) $30.
Above: A longer, more durable version of the paper grocery bags that cats adore, this nearly 3-foot-long Cat Tunnel was designed by a veterinarian and collapses for easy storage. It’s made in the US of paper and cardboard and is scented with silvervine, a catnip alternative; $10.99 from DeziRoo on Etsy.
Above: Perfect for food-motivated pets who could use some mental floss, the Capsule Treat Dispenser from Australian brand Nice Digs is made of blush pink ABS plastic with an iron counterweight inside. The product comes apart for easy washing and the brand ships worldwide; $35.
Above: The go-to hair product at London dog salon Purplebone, Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is a blend of oatmeal and coconut that moisturizes skin and is gentle enough for weekly use; £14.99.
Above: WagWellies are just what they look like: dog booties styled after traditional Wellington boots. The slip-on dog shoes are made of rubber and come in five colors and five sizes. The vendor notes that getting dogs acquainted with their booties is a process: “It is very normal to see an amusing high-step in the beginning,” they say; $65 from Supreme Paw Supply.
Above: The Check Dog Bed from NYC brand Dusen Dusen has a black and white printed cotton canvas shell with wool blend embroidery throughout. It’s made in India and is re-stocking this month; $184.

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