Liberty Mutual vs. Progressive Home Insurance

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Avoid paying for damage from unexpected events like fire and vandalism with a homeowners insurance policy from Liberty Mutual or Progressive. To learn about the pros and cons of each company, read our Liberty Mutual vs. Progressive home insurance comparison.

Liberty Mutual and Progressive have over 190 years of combined industry experience, providing insurance products like homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Both of their home insurance policies protect against liability claims, property damage, and structural damage.

To help you choose the best homeowners insurance policy for your home, we created this in-depth Liberty Mutual vs. Progressive home insurance review. Keep reading to learn about their differences in pricing, coverage amounts, endorsements, discounts, customer service, and more.

*Based on quotes from Raleigh, North Carolina

Liberty Mutual vs. Progressive Home Insurance Coverage Comparison

Liberty Mutual and Progressive homeowners coverage looks similar and includes other structures, personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments to others protection. However, Liberty Mutual offers more customization options with endorsements.

Liberty Mutual Coverage

Liberty Mutual uses the rebuilding cost of your home for dwelling coverage and a percentage of the rebuilding cost for other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage. Below are the coverage options for liability, medical payments, and deductibles, which you get to choose yourself.

Here are the six endorsements you can add to your Liberty Mutual policy:

  • Water backup and sump overflow
  • Identity fraud expense
  • Earthquake
  • Blanket jewelry
  • Hurricane
  • Personal property replacement cost

Progressive Coverage

Progressive also uses your home’s rebuilding cost for dwelling coverage and a percentage of dwelling coverage for other structures, personal property, and additional living expenses.

Progressive offers only two endorsements:

  • Personal injury
  • Water backup

Liberty Mutual vs. Progressive Home Insurance Cost Comparison

The national average for homeowners insurance was about $101 per month in 2017, according to the Insurance Information Institute. To determine how Liberty Mutual and Progressive compare to that industry average, we requested insurance quotes from both companies for a one-story home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Liberty Mutual Cost

After asking questions about the home, like the type of flooring materials and the condition of the roof, Liberty Mutual estimated the home to cost $322,500 to rebuild. This was used to determine dwelling, other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverage. We chose the liability, medical payments, and deductible amounts based on what a standard homeowners insurance policy comes with.

To save money on a policy, check out these 10 discounts offered by Liberty Mutual:

  • Claims-free
  • Safe homeowner
  • Early shopper
  • Newly purchased home
  • New/renovated home
  • New roof
  • Multi-policy
  • Insured to value
  • Preferred payment
  • Paperless policy

Progressive Cost

When we requested a quote from Progressive, the company estimated that the same home we used to get a Liberty Mutual quote would cost $285,000 to rebuild.

Like Liberty Mutual, Progressive offers several discounts to bring down the cost of your premium:

  • Multi-policy
  • Easy pay
  • Claims-free
  • Protective device
  • Early signing
  • Welcome and loyalty
  • Home buyer
  • 55 and retired

Our Conclusion

Progressive is best for homeowners who are looking for an affordable policy, but if you want a company that offers more comprehensive coverage, we recommend Liberty Mutual.

The quote we received from Progressive was lower than the national average and included the six main types of coverage. However, we got that quote only after going through an hour-and-a-half quote process.

We started the quote process online, but after answering questions about the home and the owner, we were prompted to call customer service to finish the quote. We talked to a customer service representative on the phone for over an hour, which mostly involved answering the same questions that were asked online. Overall, this quote process is not convenient for someone who wants to shop around before picking a company.

Another downside to Progressive is that it doesn’t write its own policies. The company uses other insurance providers’ policies and acts as a third-party seller, so while Progressive does have 24/7 customer service, that may not matter much to a homeowner who will likely have to talk more to the underwriter than to Progressive.

Liberty Mutual not only writes its own policies, but it also lets you get a quote completely online. Additionally, Liberty Mutual policies come with the same six types of coverage as Progressive, but you have the option to add six endorsements to customize your policy. The company also strives to keep its insurance rates low by offering 10 discounts.

The main downside to Liberty Mutual is that it has 24/7 customer service for claims questions only—all other questions about your policy or billing can be answered during normal business hours. However, Liberty Mutual does have a customer portal and a mobile app, which allows you to manage your policy at any time.

To see how much a policy from these companies would cost, type your zip code into the quote tool below.

FAQs About Liberty Mutual and Progressive Home Insurance

Does home insurance cover your injuries?

Typically, homeowners insurance only covers injuries to other people under the liability and medical payments to others sections of your policy. However, some companies like Progressive offer a personal injury endorsement that provides coverage when you get injured.

What factors affect the cost of homeowners insurance?

Here are a few factors that will affect home insurance rates:

  • Credit score
  • Marital status
  • Claims history
  • Number and type of pets
  • Rebuilding cost of your home
  • Square footage of your home
  • How many safety features you have in your home
  • Level of crime in your neighborhood
  • Susceptibility to natural disasters
  • Proximity to a fire station and fire hydrant

How can I determine my home’s rebuilding cost?

Most insurance companies will give you an estimate for how much it will cost to rebuild your home, but you can also talk to a local real estate appraiser to determine the rebuilding cost or purchase $100 to $155 of protection per square foot of your home.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you pay once your claim is approved. Most companies offer four or more deductible choices starting at $250 and going up to $2,500 or $5,000. The standard deductible amount for a home insurance policy is $1,000. If you choose a lower deductible, your premium will cost more.

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