Modern, Sleek, and Functional: Classic Mid Century Lamps from Germany

spring balanced midgard lamps

When we came across Midgard’s lamps, we were charmed by their industrial and sleek designs but equally as intrigued by the company’s history. In 1919, engineer Curt Fischer founded Midgard in Germany to sell his modern and innovative lights. At the time, his designs were novel; he was the first to create adjustable lamps that allow you to direct your light. Fischer’s work went on to inspire integral parts of the modernist movement, including the Bauhaus school and its founder, German architect Walter Gropius. The Midgard lamps were heavily featured in the interior of the Bauhaus, influencing many students and teachers passing through.

Over 100 years later, it’s hard to imagine a workspace (or really any space) without adjustable lighting. Midgard is still producing lights in Germany with the original tools, carrying on Curt Fischer’s legacy and designs. In 2015, David Einsiedler and Joke Rasch took over from the third generation of Fischers and revived the company. The lamps today are made with the same care and attention to detail as the ones from the beginning of the 20th century.

Photography courtesy of Midgard.

TYP 113 lamp from Midgard Above: The Midgard TYP 113 is available as a limited edition (only 100 pieces) to celebrate 100 years of Midgard. This lamp’s design was used at the Bauhaus. Materials include enamel, nickel, and porcelain. Midgard lamp at Bauhaus school Above: The Midgard TYP 113 being used at the Bauhaus. “Masters and students alike found their precise, machine-like aesthetic both modern and motivating,” according to Midgard. Modular 555 wall light from Midgard Above: The Modular 555 Wall Light in black from Design Quarters. Materials include powder-coated aluminum and textile cord; $730 spring balanced midgard lamps Above: The Spring Balanced lamp has two adjustable arms and is available as a table or floor lamp. The table light has two fixture choices: clamp or free-standing. Standard in black and white (other colors available upon request).

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