Remodelista Gift Guide 2020: Gifts for the Home Fragrance Snob

I’m very cautious when it comes to fragrance; averse to synthetics and anything fruity or overly intoxicating. I rarely burn scented candles or incense at home for fear of competing fragrance from room to room and infusing every fabric in the house with an irreversible aroma. If you’re shopping for a friend with an olfactory sensitivity, here are 10 nuanced and sophisticated home fragrances sure to please.

Bodha Calm Incense The Primary Essentials Above: The Bodha Calm Incense has a gentle fragrance and smokeless burn. Made in Japan using traditional methods, the incense is $32 at The Primary Essentials who also carries the full line of Bodha incense scents.
Dinesen DD-2 Oil Scent Above: We recently learned about the new DD-2 Oil Blend Set from our all-time favorite wood floor purveyors, Danish company Dinesen. The set, made up of the oil blend and a Douglas fir object for dripping the oil onto, was created with artist and researcher Sissel Tolaas and the architecture firm Pneuma.
Papier d'Armenie Tradition Above: A classic packet of Papier d’Armenie fills a room with a light natural vanilla scent. Tear off a strip of this Armenian paper, fold it like an accordion and place it on its side on a heat-resistant surface. A single booklet is available at June Home Supply or a full sampler box is $32 at Flotsam & Fork.
Santa Maria Novella White Ceramic Perfume Burner Above: Makers of our favorite potpourri, Santa Maria Novella makes a white and blue Ceramic Perfume Burner, handmade by master potters in Montelupo Fiorentino designed to be used with any of the brand’s room fragrances (or any oils of your choice); $180 at Santa Maria Novella.
Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend Above: Aesop’s Anouk Oil Burner Blend ($39) is a blend of citrus aromas including bergamot rind. The oil is designed to use with an oil burner such as Aesop’s Brass Burner ($170).
Officine Buly Alabaster Campagne d'Italie Above: Parisian apothecary Officine Buly makes a line of scented oil designed to drip onto a sedimentary stone housed in a porcelain box. Designed to diffuse fragrance in a heatless and steam-free format, the Alabaster Campagne d’Italie, is one of many scents to be placed in cupboards, wardrobes, bathrooms, and cars; €54.17 at Officine Universelle Buly à Paris.
Juniper Ridge Coastal Pine Room Spray Above: Wildcrafted herbals from Juniper Ridge includes the Coastal Pine Room Spray. A fragrance harnessing the scent of coastal forests of California and Cascadia, the spray is meant to freshen up full rooms or spray directly onto blankets, fabrics, and other linens; $15 per bottle at Juniper Ridge.
Officine Buly Aomori Hiba Wood Incense Above: Sourced by Officine Universelle Buly à Paris, the Aomori Hiba Wood is harvested from a Japanese Cypress and although it has a sweet and gentle scent, it also has germicidal, sanitizing, and deodorizing properties; €16.67 for 100 grams.
Aesop States of Being Aromatique Room Spray Trio Above: The States of Being Aromatique Room Spray Trio includes all three of Aesop’s fragranced room sprays to test out around the house; $110 for the set at Aesop.
Palo Santo Incense Hawkins New York Above: A straightforward Palo Santo wood from Kuarto. It’s powder resin is the ultimate woodsy fragrance and for that reason, it’s timeless; $24 at Hawkins New York.

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