Scarlette Ateliers: Handcrafted Tabletop Linens and Bedding a la Francais

After growing up in Picardy, France, Pauline Bijvoet moved to New Delhi, India, where she converted a small house into a boutique hotel. Now back to Paris,  Pauline presides over Scarlette Ateliers—a company that sells a selection of charming hand-stitched linens and bedding. Pauline has fused her French sensibility with the spirit of India in her work; the patterns on her linens are hand-printed in Rajasthan, India, using the blockprint method. In Scarlette Ateliers’s words, the products are made with “intelligence, beauty, respect, and love of ancestral gestures.”

While the company is based in France, they ship worldwide. Customized hand-embroidery is available for many of the products (which is a lovely gift idea.)

Photography courtesy of Scarlette Ateliers.

Marigold Olive Duvet Cover from Ateliers Scarlette Above: The Marigold Olive duvet cover and pillowcases are hand-printed in India; pillowcases are €60 each and the duvet cover is €20.
Bili Bed Linen from Ateliers Scarlette Above: Made of handwoven cotton, the Bili bed linen is printed using the blockprint method in India. The duvet cover is €200 and each pillowcase is €60.
Margin Flowers Duvet Cover from Ateliers Scarlette Above: With a floral pattern inspired by a popular design in Rajasthan, India, the Margin Flowers set offers square and rectangle pillowcases (€60), a duvet cover (€200), and a topstitch cover (€340).
Margin Table Set from Ateliers Scarlette Above: The 100 percent cotton, hand-printed placemats from the Margin Table Set are 30 by 40 cm and €15 a piece.
Jack Tablecloth from Ateliers Scarlette Above: The blue-striped Jack Tablecloth is available in three different sizes, starting at €120. According to Scarlette Ateliers, it gets “softer with each wash.”

Here are some of our other picks for bedding and tabletop linens:

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