Sleeping In: A Handmade, Healthful, 100 Percent Organic Mattress from Birch Living

We spend, by some accounts, nearly half our lives in bed. It feels like even more these days, as we find ourselves sleeping, streaming, snacking, reading, sipping coffee, even working in bed. All the more reason to ensure the place where you’re spending so much of the day and night—your mattress—is healthy, nontoxic, and super comfortable, too.

You can stop your search for a healthful mattress here, with Birch Living by Helix, the eco-conscious makers of all things bed-related, from bases to pillows to toppers to bedding, all made from 100 percent organic materials sourced completely from nature, and all Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and GreenGuard Gold certified.

We are particular fans of their non-toxic, “farm to bed” Birch Natural Mattress, handmade in the U.S. (and with the sleep experts at direct-to-consumer brand Helix behind it). It’s comprised of an organic cotton cover; high-quality, sustainably sourced New Zealand wool for temperature regulation and comfort; U.S.-made steel coils; and natural, Rainforest Alliance Certified Talalay latex tapped from trees (rather than the Dunlop latex used by other mattress brands) for a softer place to sleep. The mattress is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and super breathable; optimized for pressure relief and comfort; comes with a 25 year warranty and 100-night sleep trial—and was named Business Insider’s Best Natural Mattress 2020. And right now, Birch Living is offering $200 off the mattress plus two free Eco-Rest pillows; head to Birch Living for more.

Ready for a better night’s sleep? Take a look:

Birch Natural Mattress by Birch Living Above: The Birch Natural Mattress ($1,499 for the queen size) is made from six ergonomic hybrid layers. From top to bottom, they are: a breathable, moisture-wicking organic cotton cover; a wool layer that’s fire-retardant and free from plastics; a “comfort layer” of Birch wool, which provides temperature regulation and maintains shape thanks to its natural elasticity; a natural latex layer for specially designed pressure relief; individually pocketed U.S.-made steel coils for support and to limit motion transfer (and extra edge support, too); and, finally, a last base layer of wool and natural rayon for stability and durability.
Birch Natural Mattress by Birch Living Above: Unlike many other mattress brands, the Birch mattress is made from Oeko-Tex certified Talalay latex, sustainably sourced from the tropical rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis for a softer feel.

Above: Shown here is the mattress on its own (left) and with a Plush Organic Mattress Topper (right), a three-inch-thick layer of organic cotton, wool, and natural latex. A queen-size topper is $450.

Birch Natural Mattress and Birch Foundation by Birch Living Above: The mattress is made from sustainably sourced organic wool from independent farms in New Zealand, each compliant with the PGC Wrightson Wool Integrity Program to guarantee fair farming practices. The mattress is pictured here on the company’s Birch Frame, made with 100 percent Appalachian hardwood bed rails, solid Southern yellow pine slats, and Appalachian maple legs; assembly is completely tool-less ($549 for the queen size).
Birch Natural Mattress by Birch Living Side View Above: The bed-in-a-box comes with free, contactless delivery and a 100-night sleep trial period. It also is made with zero polyurethane-based foams—so there’s no toxic off-gassing.
Birch Natural Mattress and Eco-Rest Pillows and Organic Pillows by Birch Living Above: Each mattress also comes with two Eco-Rest Pillows with organic, fair trade cotton exteriors and fillings made from 100 percent recycled water bottles (a $149 value). Also available for purchase are the company’s Organic Pillows, $99 each for the standard size (and currently out of stock).
Birch Natural Mattress by Birch Living Above: Birch Living also offers a trade program for designers; head here for more info.

For much more on Birch Living and all of their organic sleep offerings—including sheets and duvets—head to their site.

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