Steal This Look: An Economical Kitchen in an English Beach House, Ikea Hack Included

The humble, handmade holiday house of designers Maria Mihotich and Durrell Bishop sits on the Thames Estuary in Kent, England. The camp-style kitchen is made with Ikea cabinets hacked with plywood fronts, stainless steel counters, and DIY-style upper shelves. Here we dissect our favorite elements.

A plywood-lined Ikea hack kitchen and biergarten table in a tiny beach house in Seasalter, England, belonging to Marcia Mihotich and Durrell Bishop. Photo via The Modern House. Above: Across from the compact kitchen is a biergarten table and Ikea stools for extra seating. Photograph by Marcia Mihotich from Two London Creatives Shore Up a Tiny Beach House, Ikea Hack Kitchen Included.
A plywood-lined Ikea hack tiny kitchen in Marcia Mihotich and Durrell Bishop's Seasalter beach house. Photo via The Modern House. Above: The plywood front Ikea kitchen features loops of rope from a sailing shop as hardware. Photograph by Marcia Mihotich from Two London Creatives Shore Up a Tiny Beach House, Ikea Hack Kitchen Included.
Marcia Mihotich Beach House Tiny Ikea Hack Kitchen Above: The hut is mostly plywood, but Maria and Durrell incorporate a playful palette of orange, red, and green when they can. Photograph by Marcia Mihotich from Two London Creatives Shore Up a Tiny Beach House, Ikea Hack Kitchen Included.
Marcia Mihotich Beach House Tiny Ikea Hack Kitchen Above: The view from the back of the house, through the kitchen, and onto the deck. Photograph by Marcia Mihotich from Two London Creatives Shore Up a Tiny Beach House, Ikea Hack Kitchen Included.


Shuttering Plywood Material Above: Shuttering plywood, a dense construction plywood, was the material of choice for building out the beach house. “Shuttering ply has a more pronounced grain and is also more affordable,” the owners explain. “But there are many different grades of shuttering ply and we found a timber supplier in Rochester where we could choose one we liked and ordered the amount of sheets we wanted from the same batch. If the wood is from different batches, the patterning can be very, very different, which doesn’t look so good if you want to have a continuous surface.” For more of the plywood application, see Two London Creatives Shore Up a Tiny Beach House, Ikea Hack Kitchen Included.
Ikea Sektion Base Cabinet with Drawers Above: The couple rebuilt the kitchen with Ikea cabinets, like this [product id=”994664″]Sektion Base Cabinet with Drawers[/product] ($106), faced with shuttering plywood.
Marcia Mihotich Beach Cottage Stainless Steel Countertops Above: The thin stainless steel countertops and integrated stainless prep sink were originally from Ikea (the company no longer offers a stainless steel worktop option). For more on steel countertops, see Remodeling 101: Stainless Steel Countertops.


Ikea UK Raffinerad Microwave Combi Oven Above: Marcia and Durrell sourced a combination microwave/oven at Ikea. The [product id=”994690″]Raffinerad Microwave Combi Oven[/product] (shown) is £500 ($687.29) and only available at Ikea in the UK. The US equivalent from Ikea is the [product id=”615627″]Nutid Microwave Oven[/product] for $695.Sportsman Double Burner Cast Iron Stove Above: The [product id=”975772″]Sportsman Double Burner Cast Iron Stove[/product] is a solid piece of cast iron that connects to an LP via a hose kit sold separately; $44.99 at Home Depot. For more options, see 10 Easy Pieces: Camp Stoves on Gardenista.Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Above: The simple [product id=”994694″]Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Toaster[/product] in Stainless Steel is €32.95 ($40) at Expert in Ireland.Recolte Electric Kettle Classic Blue Above: The [product id=”975742″]Récolte Classic Libre Electric Kettle[/product] in blue is something Marcia and Durrell picked up on a trip to Hong Kong. You can find it on Amazon for $84.02.

Faucets & Fixtures

Ikea Malmsjon Kitchen Faucet Gray Above: The [product id=”994698″]Ikea Malmsjön Kitchen Faucet[/product] is $99.Ikea Fyndig Sink Stainless Steel Above: The small prep sink, the [product id=”622917″]Fyndig Sink[/product] in stainless steel is $31.99 at Ikea.


Ikea Vate Pendant Paper Lampshade Above: Ikea’s [product id=”994707″]Väte Paper Lampshade[/product], inspired by [product id=”618232″]Noguchi Akari Light Sculptures[/product], has been discontinued at Ikea but is still available via sellers on Amazon; $49.99 for two.Jielde Loft Desk Lamp Orange Above: The [product id=”610866″]Jielde Loft Desk Lamp D6000[/product] in orange (shown) is a close match to the vintage Anglepoise orange light in the kitchen. You can source it from Horne for $1,158. Another option is the the budget-friendly [product id=”617085″]Bobby Fluorescent Orange Metal Desk Lamp[/product] for £20 ($29) at Habitat in the UK. You can also find vintage Anglepoise lights on Etsy.


Biergarten Table Standard Green and Pine Above: The Standard [product id=”623961″]Beer Garden Table[/product] with a green base and pine top is $439 at Beer Garden Furniture. For more ideas, see The Gardenista 100: Biergarten Tables.Ikea Frosta Stool Four Legs Birch Above: Modeled after Alvar Aalto’s Stool 60, Ikea’s [product id=”618574″]Frosta Stool[/product] with four legs in birch is $11.99 at Ikea.


Ikea Knagglig Wood Box Crate Above: Marcia and Durrell used vintage garlic boxes from their local grocery store to create the shelving they needed above the kitchen counter. Ikea’s [product id=”757194″]Knagglig pine box[/product] ($9.99), shown, is one way to get the look. We also like the wood crates from We Are Always Moving Industries and the [product id=”994699″]Lucky Clover Trading Co.[/product]Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug Granite Above: The Stelton thermos in matte chocolate is a discontinued color. The closest match is the [product id=”611461″]Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug[/product] in Granite, shown, for $73 on Amazon.Bodum Chambord 34 Ounce French Press Above: The [product id=”994718″]Bodum Chambord 34-Ounce French Press[/product] is stocked in the wood crates above the countertop. It’s a staple; $40 at Crate & Barrel.Anthropologie Pliant Rope Handle Above: Replicate the look of the sailing rope with Anthropologie’s [product id=”605435″]Pliant Rope Handles[/product]; on sale for $9.60 each.Falcon Enamelware Jugs Samphire Green Above: Falcon’s limited-edition Samphire Green color of enamelware is available as a [product id=”994716″]1 Pint Jug[/product] ($31), [product id=”994717″]2 Pint Jug[/product] ($40), and [product id=”988066″]3 Pint Jug[/product] ($47) at Falcon Enamelware.For more covetous cabin kitchens, see our posts:

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