Sustainable Shopping: High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Goods from San Francisco

In a time when everyone is searching for sustainable products that are just as effective as their chemical-filled counterparts, we admire Ardent, a family-owned business from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their goods range from homemade soap to water bottles and bags, with the shared feature of non-toxic and natural materials. As Ardent puts it, they sell “elevated everyday goods you can feel good about using.”

Ardent practices what they preach in terms of running a sustainable company. They reuse all of their shipping peanuts from bulk supply shipments and encourage customers to reuse theirs as well. On their website, Ardent has a blog where they explain aspects of clean living, showing how their commitment to promoting ethical homeware goes beyond selling their lovely natural products.

Here are a few of our favorite items.

Photography courtesy of Ardent.

ardent do good sponge set Above: The Do Good Sponge Set. Made with eco-friendly materials, the burlap and cotton fill can both be composted. Six different colors available (pictured is Burlap Harvest Yellow); $18 Solid Dish Soap from Ardent Above: The Solid Dish Soap in Refillable White Bowl. The bowl is 3.75″ in diameter and can be repurposed (it’s food safe). Soap has a thick consistency for increased scrubbing power, and the added vinegar gives dishes a shiny appearance after washing; $36 Pink Lunch Bag from Ardent Above: The Petite Poche Paper Lunch Bag. Includes a removable insert for easy cleaning and a messenger strap. Offered in four different colors; $33

Three more sustainable brands we love:

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