The Perfect Palette: A Color-Matching Tool for Finding the Ideal Paint, via Datacolor

You’re looking for a specific paint color to match a favorite throw pillow, so you bring the pillow to your hardware store to see if they can match it, or at least come close. Or maybe you head to the rack of paint chips and pore over hundreds of color options, only to feel more overwhelmed than when you first stepped into the store. Sound familiar? To us, too. So we were thrilled to discover a little tool that takes the guesswork out of color matching, making the whole paint-choosing process quick and easy: the Datacolor ColorReader EZ.

Here’s how it works: Download the ColorReader app, sync it to your smartphone, and you’re ready to go. Scan the flat surface of any color you like with the handy, portable ColorReader EZ device to get the top three color matches from the most popular paint brands. Tap that color to find coordinating colors as well as color palette ideas (Complementary, Triad, Monochromatic, and Analogous color schemes) so you’ll always know which colors go together. You can create and save color palettes by project and share them with family, friends, your paint store, anyone. Think of the ColorReader EZ as your personal, pocket-sized color advisor.

Capture color inspiration from table or bed linens, ceramics, the sofa, rugs, even a favorite jacket—whether you’re redoing an entire room or smaller DIY paint projects.

Intrigued? Take a look:

DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: The Datacolor ColorReader EZ makes it easy to pull together all the room elements in a remodeling project. Scan your wall color or tile color and find coordinating hues for features such as countertops, cabinets, rugs, upholstery fabrics, and more for a finished look.
DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: Palette inspiration can be found anywhere—like the stripe on a tea towel, for example, or the leaves in a botanical wallpaper, as shown here.
DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: Drawn to a particular color? Measure it with Datacolor ColorReader EZ to get your paint color match along with its precise color values for digital design work. Create a palette around it, label it, and save it on the app.
DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: Wall decor and prints can be a great starting point for a room color palette. Here, we’re taking a scan of the yellow in this print to find a paint color match for this nursery’s walls.
DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: With ColorReader EZ, you can archive the colors you’ve used in a remodeling project. Scan all the hues you’ve used and save them to your phone using the versatile ColorReader app.
DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: Find your perfect color match along with its coordinating colors. You’ll never have to wonder, “Does this color go with this color?” again.
DataColor ColorReader EZ Paint Tool Above: ColorReader EZ is small and portable, so you can always have it on hand to capture color inspiration wherever you are.

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